Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best of 2011 Weddings - Comox Courtenay Wedding Photographer

This year I shot 11 FABULOUS weddings (I took on one more than I normally limit myself to, because I just couldn't help it!) and even with only 11 weddings to look through, it was pretty hard to pick just 20 photos. So enjoy these top pics of the year :)

P.S. Don't forget to pick YOUR favourite and then read to the end to hear about the contest :)

a). Amanda and Vince: First kiss photos are often my favourite, and this is no exception :)

b). Linzie and Timber: Linzie was a STUNNING bride, and the light in this little corner of Crown Isle was beautiful! The little blog image doesn't do it justice.

c). Jason and Jolene: Jolene's smile wins out again, I could have picked about 20 of just her smiling, that's how great it is!

d). Jason and Jolene: There's that smile again! I'm suprised I only picked two :)

e). Imogen and Derek: These guys can JUMP!!! And the reflection just makes it better.

f). Imogen and Derek: This was such a gorgeous little B&B that Imogen got ready at, and she was such a perfect, laid-back bride.

g). Chantelle and Jonathan: There's just something about this photo that I can't quite put my finger on... but I love it.

h). Chantelle and Jonathan: I love when bridal parties are willing to have some fun with their pictures. These are much more fun than just standing in a row :)

i). Gillian and Davin: I just see this image and think... WOW!!! Thank you Gillian for being willing to climb out on that log for me. I love adventurous brides.

j). Gillian and Davin: This one is just so romantic.... it makes me smile.

k). Hayley and Nate: One of my favourite getting ready photos ever. I love her sisters looking in the mirror and her big smile. Perfect. :)

l). Hayley and Nate: A perfect wedding day moment, caught on camera. I love getting photos like this that really capture the feeling of a moment.

m). Kim and Darrin: The look on a grooms face as he sees his bride walk down the aisle gets me every time! I love it :) And this groom had already seen his bride during a First Look, so it just goes to show you that First Looks are great and definitely don't ruin the aisle moment.

n). Kim and Darrin: These bridesmaids REALLY loved my bad jokes, so they get a vote ;)

o). Sarah and Chris: I had to pick one great ceremony shot.. and this one just does something for me.

p). Sarah and Chris: I'm surprised that I picked a ring shot... but Sarah and Chris's rings, on top of their favours (adorable little frog prince candles) was just too cute to resist.

q). Jamie and Drew: They look SO happy and in love... and they're in a cemetary... so it's awesome! :)

r). Jamie and Drew: Fall weddings are wonderful, and i just love the colours of the season. Especially with a stunning black Victorian dress.

s). Katie and Geoff: This is the couples son, eating snacks in the aisle. Which was too funny not to capture. :)

t). Katie and Geoff: This lodge in Gold River is just teeming with photo opportunities! Such a fun bridal shot.

So there they are! The best wedding photos of the past year. I've already had one fabulous wedding in 2012, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! As for these photos, one of these lucky couples will win the top prize of Best Wedding Photo of 2011 and the winner will win any one product of their choice with a value of up to $75! That means they could get a mini album of their whole session, or a gorgeous custom designed photo box to hold all their prints, or even a canvas wrap! Their choice :)

Here's how they'll win... Either comment here or send me an email to gillottaway@hotmail.com with your choice for best photo. I'd like you guys to pick a specific photo, so I know which shot wins, but votes will be counted per couple. So each couple gets one chance at winning, even if they have two photos. In two weeks I will tally up the results and announce a winner. Can't wait to see who it is!

So get voting and enjoy! :)

Best of 2011 Portraits - Comox Courtenay Photography

It was so, so, so hard to narrow down all my portraits from the last year to just 20. I mean SOOOOOO hard! Which makes me happy, because it wasn't nearly as tough for 2010, so I'm going to go out there and say I was proud of my progress this past year. I definitely couldn't have done it without such AMAZING clients. Most of my favourite shots are because of the wonderful smiles in them, which has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you guys. Okay, I guess I can take credit for the bad jokes that seem to crack you all up ;)

In any case, i'll get on with the photos! But stay tuned to the bottom of the post, for a contest you won't want to miss! :) In no particular order, my top 20 photos of 2011:

a). Chantelle, Jonathon, Jackson and Diesel: Such a gorgeous young family, among some pretty amazing BC scenery. The colours in this image just make me smile, and look at how cute that dog is?

b). Jason and Jolene: Who doesn't like drinking champagne in the park, out of adorable champagne glasses no less!

c). Christa and Family: This photo makes me smile (and giggle) every. single. time! I love that this family was willing to skip for me, in public... and the kids laughed while doing so! Such a wonderful little family :)

d). Hayley and Nate: Hayley and Nate are SOOOO easy to photograph. There is just SO much love between them and they're so at ease in front of the camera, and with eachother. It was impossible to pick just one.... so i picked two :)

e). Dawn, Chris, Baby Murphy and Boden: Boden is just the sweetest pup... and he LOVES being the centre of attention, and starring in photos. He's just sitting so nicely and looking right at me... it's perfect.

f.) Isabelle: Oh Isabelle, such a little girly girl. With her big flowers and her pretty dresses. And what a smile :)

g). Adorable Sisters: Two sisters who actually hugged... without me forcing them? I couldn't resist. Anyone who knows me and my sis, knows that I'm a big fan of sisterhood.

h). The Doyle Family: An adorable little family moment, with some beautiful scenery in the background. I love this shot, it would make such a beautiful canvas. I also giggle a little bit everytime, thinking about the fact that we waited forever to get this shot because there were some elderly ladies (complete with bathing caps) swimming in between. Hehe :)

i). Rae-Lynn and Finn: I love seeing Mom's with their newborn babies... so much love to capture.

j). Sara and Chris: These two pretended to be mannequins... so they OBVIOUSLY deserve a spot in the top 20. No question!

k). Sara and Chris (again!): These two also did a silly walk across the street... so again, they rock!

l). The Hatch Grandkids: Seven wonderful grandchildren! I hope I get grandkids even half as great as these ones. I'd love to have a shot like this when I'm a grandma

m). Hayley and Nate (again!): Dancing to a local street performer? Perfection! *sigh*

n). Jason and Jolene (again!): Just look at that smile... she's stunning! And the way he's looking at her? It melts my heart.

o). The Graham Family: Playful families are my favourites. I'll take an adorable action shot over a looking straight at the camera shot anyday. Look at that grin :)

p). Kim, Darren and Kehgan: It makes such a difference to the photos if the family is having fun and being relaxed. That's why I promote tickling.. because it gets wonderful shots like this :)

q). Krystle, Thierry and Madigan: I love when people bring their pets to shoots. Because pets are adorable, and I love the challenge. Madigan, however, is not a challenge. She was a little poser, and pulled off this cute move. So her (and her loving owners) secure a spot in the top 20.

r). The Dunlop Family: The light, the look on her face.... one of my faves from the year. This could be a contender for the #1 spot.

s). Avery and Megan: This one may seem like an odd choice to some, as it's technically just an outtake from a fun session with three 13 year-old girls... but I love the fun of it. It just shows a little bit about how silly shoots with me can be, and I love that :)

t). Brayden: This little guys is adorable, so that made a huge impact on choosing this photo. But I also just love the look on his face, as if he's trying to get just one more lick in before Mom takes it away.

And that's that! Aren't they wonderful? Maybe I'm just a bit biased ;) Now on to the contest! One of these photos will win the top prize of Best Portrait of 2011 and the winner will win any one product of their choice with a value of up to $75! That means they could get a mini album of their whole session, or a gorgeous custom designed photo box to hold all their prints, or even a canvas wrap! Their choice :)

Here's how they'll win... Either comment here or send me an email to gillottaway@hotmail.com with your choice for best photo. In two weeks I will tally up the results and announce a winner.

So get voting and enjoy! :)