Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick as a dog....

.... Is what I am! I am still in Cold Lake visiting my wonderful mom, sister and nephews, but the trip has been slightly buggered by a horrible cold that has consumed all of us! We can't keep the tissues in stock around here.

The cold hasn't slowed down the little ones much, just made them crankier... so us adults are forced to suffer through games of hide-and-seek, pillow fight, "Who's hiding behind the red curtain", and train building despite feeling awful. It's a good thing we all love the little ones :)

I also had an AWFUL allergic reaction to the soap I used my first day here, and am COVERED in a rash. Pretty much anywhere the soap touched (ie. EVERYWHERE!) is covered in itchy, red blotches... Good times :)

On a positive note, I am still enjoying time with my family! My eldest nephew ADORES me and can't go a minute without playing games with me. since I'm sleeping in his room with him, I get woken up every morning by his cheerful face jumping up onto my bed. Perfect!

Now if only I could convince him to sleep in past 7am! Lol

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's finally happened....

.... I've become a West Coast Wimp!!

When I moved to Vancouver Island from Ontario 6 years ago, I used to chuckle to myself when all my new West Coast friends whined about one centimeter of snow, or a temperature below 5•C.

I was proud of the fact that I came from Ontario, where are summers are HOT (oh, how I miss that heat!) and our winters are COLD (I thought I missed the cold and snow....) Well, I think I may have to apologize to all my friends and family back in Comox, because I have DEFINITELY, 100% lost my Ontario toughness!

I left Comox on Monday afternoon and said goodbye to blue skies and 10•C weather... I am now in Edmonton, and heading north to Cold Lake, and Frrrrrrrrrrrrreezing!!

I have no idea what the actual temperature is here, but I do know it's not unreasonably cold (for here). The bus driver who's bringing us to Cold Lake commented on how sunny and "warm" it is today. I kid you not... He used the word warm to describe what I would call RIDICULOUSLY FREAKING COLD!! As in, I was outside for about 5 minutes max before I started whining to my mom about frost bite. Lol

So, it's official, I can no longer call myself a Winter-Tough Canadian. Instead I'm a West Coast Wimp.

I guess this just means I'll have to call gorgeous Vancouver Island home for the rest of my life. :)

I hope all my Comox Valley readers are enjoying some warm sunshine! If you are, send happy warm thoughts my way for the rest of the week.

<3 Gillian

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