Thursday, March 4, 2010

Photography Tips - Comox Courtenay Professional Photography

Welcome to the first photography tips post for the month of March! I'm starting out with a REALLY basic tip, but one that I find is the most common mistake that I see among peoples photography.

It's all about composition and focal point. In a photo you want to make sure the viewers eye is drawn to the most important part of the picture. Whether that is a tree, mountain, person, birthday cake or landmark, the theory is the same. Limit the amount of clutter in your photo to make sure the eye is drawn to the correct object.

The easiest way to do this is to crop your photos in tightly around your focal point. Let's take this photo of my nephew on the beach as an example...

Comox Courtenay Professional Photography Advice

This photo definitely needs to be cropped in more. The two boys swimming in the background make it hard to tell what exactly the point of the photo is. Do I want you to focus on the swimmers? Are all three boys important? In this case, no, I want you to only notice my incredibly adorable nephew.

If I just bring the camera in closer to my subject (by zooming or physically moving closer) it makes it much more obvious, as in the next photo.

Comox Courtenay Professional Photography Advice

This photo has nothing to distract us in the photo and the subject takes up most of the frame. This is exactly what we want to achieve in a photo! There is no doubt that the important part of this photo is that fabulous little boy (can you tell I'm a bit biased? hehe)

There are LOTS of ways you can implement this into your own photography. Is it your child's birthday? Zoom in so that your child's face and the cake take up most of the frame. At the park with your kids? We don't need to see the whole piece of play equipment to understand the context of a shot. Zoom in so that we see a small piece of play equipment, and your kids adorable face is taking up most of the frame.

I know that this is a very basic piece of advice, but, like I said, I see the mistake committed far too often on Facebook photos. Next time you have your camera out, move closer to your subject and see how the results turn out. Then share them with me!

Finally, don't forget about the contest! In case you forgot the details, here they are again:

I want you guys to send me your favourite photos, taken by you, for my photography contest. You can email them to me at, along with your name and the reason why you love the shot.

I will post all the entries in an album on my Facebook fan page, and at the end of the month will choose a winner. The winner will receive a photo session with me, and a print package of their favourite photos from the session!

So, spread the word! If I get enough entries I may end up having to give out extra prizes ;)

<3 Gillian

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