Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photography Tip #4 - De-clutter your background!

Here it is, the final photography tip for my special March contest! This tip is an important one, and also an easy one to follow! It works especially well for posed (or semi-posed) shots, like portraits.

De-clutter your background!

It can be very distracting having bright objects, or odd shapes behind the head of your subject matter. Take this next photo for instance. *I hope my boyfriend does not kill me for putting this old, horrible photo of him on here!*


There is a table coming out of his head, a distracting red bucket in the background, and basically all sorts of clutter! By moving locations (and adding me to the shot, which always helps... hehe just kidding!), you get a much cleaner shot. The focus remains on the people (and the ridiculously cute dog) instead of on the clutter.


This photo required a bit of moving (in this case, off to the side of the trailers that we were camping in), but improves things significantly! Here's another example:


This is a great shot of my nephew when he was just a few months old! The lighting is nice, he's smiling with BIG eyes and the background is fairly neutral, which is great. The only problem is that there is some sort of stick in the top left corner. If the stick gets removed, in this case through the use of photo editing software, it makes Nate stand out just that much more. You could also achieve this same look by rotating to the right a little bit, and cropping out the stick.


So, next time you're taking photos, really look through your viewfinder and check out what is surrounding your focal point. If it looks too cluttered, move a little or consider another location, and really make your photos pop :)

Tomorrow is the last day to get your photos in for the contest! Just email me your favourite photo (taken by you) and have a chance at winning one of TWO free portrait sessions!!

<3 Gillian

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  1. LOL - someone needs to give that man a haircut!!

    And I must say your nephew is rather adorable, even if his inept Mama forgot to declutter the background in the original pic :-) I think I need your mad photoshop skills around all the time!!